Samsung, Sony, LG und Co.: Your TV is spying on you. Votre television vous espionne. So spioniert Ihr Fernseher Sie aus. – by Jackie Sand – 09.02.2017 Is Your TV spying on you? If you have a Samsung SmartTV, Sony, LG and Co, it very well could be.  Samsung for example has a TV that can listen in to your conversations, record them and then upload the information […]

Brains of Buddhist monks change after Meditation practice. Scientists are scanning brains of practitioners before and after Meditation.The findings are very interesting and profound by Jackie Sand – 09.02.2017 How does our human brain react and transform after Mediation and regular practice of Meditation? Meditation improves memory, concentration, hyperactivity, ADD syndrome, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, addiction, daily stress, trauma and much, much more. Yoga and meditation are very valuable venues to improve and […]

Fünf Lebensmittel, dank denen Sie nicht wissen werden was Müdigkeit ist – von Kristina Jurosz, 09.02.2017 Photo: FÜNF LEBENSMITTEL DANK DENEN SIE NICHT WISSEN WERDEN, WAS MÜDIGKEIT IST. Es funktioniert wirklich!!! Versuchen Sie es auch. Sie versuchen die Müdigkeit mit Grünem Tee, Kaffee, oder mit einem Energy-Drink zu vertreiben. Es funktioniert sofort, allerdings ist die Wirkung auch nur sehr kurzfristig und sie […]

Nomad Sahara

Dear Readers Welcome to my site, I’m a 15 year old college student and an avid reader with many interests. My love for travelling, experiencing and living in different countries and amongst different cultures is very strong. With entering college I started homeschooling, which gave me the freedom and opportunity to embark on a […]

A research team, at South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand, has found pieces of an ancient continent. After disappearing over 200 million years ago, a long lost continent has been rediscovered. by Jackie Sand – 08.02.2017 Photo: Ludovic Lubeig The article was posted on:    

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