Richard Branson on Happiness by Nomad Sahara - 09.02.2017 Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneur, the adventurer and the business man. A shining figure in public light and someone who is writing part of history. Richard Branson has published an article on happiness on his website. Richard Branson's top ten quotes on happiness "If you want happiness for... Continue Reading →

Samsung, Sony, LG und Co.: Your TV is spying on you. Votre television vous espionne. So spioniert Ihr Fernseher Sie aus. - by Jackie Sand - 09.02.2017 Is Your TV spying on you? If you have a Samsung SmartTV, Sony, LG and Co, it very well could be.  Samsung for example has a TV that can listen in to your conversations, record them and then upload the information to servers under their control. Then your... Continue Reading →

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