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Richard Branson on Happiness by Nomad Sahara – 09.02.2017 Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneur, the adventurer and the business man. A shining figure in public light and someone who is writing part of history. Richard Branson has published an article on happiness on his website. Richard Branson’s top ten quotes on […]

Samsung, Sony, LG und Co.: Your TV is spying on you. Votre television vous espionne. So spioniert Ihr Fernseher Sie aus. – by Jackie Sand – 09.02.2017 Is Your TV spying on you? If you have a Samsung SmartTV, Sony, LG and Co, it very well could be.  Samsung for example has a TV that can listen in to your conversations, record them and then upload the information […]

A research team, at South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand, has found pieces of an ancient continent. After disappearing over 200 million years ago, a long lost continent has been rediscovered. by Jackie Sand – 08.02.2017 Photo: Ludovic Lubeig The article was posted on:    

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