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Category: Health

photo of woman doing yoga

Yoga And Meditation With 7minutesonline – Video

Photo Pexels YOGA Increases flexibilityDrains your Lymphatic system and boosts ImmunityDrops your blood pressureLowers your blood sugarImproves your balanceHelps you focus and so much more Visit us on YouTube!

Metal Allergy – The New Hype Looked At

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay Have you heard of Metal sensitivities and allergies? If not, it might be worthwhile to spend a few minutes and glance at our article. […]

Music As Medicine

Not one day without music What kind of music do you listen to? Does music have a profound effect on you? Are you listening to music intentionally, or are you […]

Was Kann Das Olivenöl Alles?

Verschiedene Anwendungsbereiche von Olivenöl Beim Olivenöl handelt es sich wörtlich um ein flüssiges Wunder. Nicht nur, dass es gesund und schmackhaft ist, es hilft auch beim Abnehmen, verbessert das Hautbild, […]

Turmeric-Curcumin The Magic Spice

Turmeric-Curcumin the magic spice Our 7minutesonline team is having every morning and every night a cup of turmeric tea. It reduces inflammation, acidity, fights insomnia and tastes great. In the […]

The Microbiome And Gut Health

By Jackie Sand – Photo by: AJC1   The important role of our Microbiome and Gut Health in our daily lives   The Microbiome and gut health are now more and […]

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