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Age does not have to stop us from living fully. This lady is an inspiration… – by Jackie Sand – 12.02.2017 Great-grandmother cycles 10,000 miles Ethel MacDonald a 78-year-old great-grandmother, who is a retired French teacher has covered more than 10,000 miles across Europe and North America. As a former teacher of French and English, France is where she began her European adventures. […]

Richard Branson on Happiness by Nomad Sahara – 09.02.2017 Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneur, the adventurer and the business man. A shining figure in public light and someone who is writing part of history. Richard Branson has published an article on happiness on his website. Richard Branson’s top ten quotes on […]

Brains of Buddhist monks change after Meditation practice. Scientists are scanning brains of practitioners before and after Meditation.The findings are very interesting and profound by Jackie Sand – 09.02.2017 How does our human brain react and transform after Mediation and regular practice of Meditation? Meditation improves memory, concentration, hyperactivity, ADD syndrome, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, addiction, daily stress, trauma and much, much more. Yoga and meditation are very valuable venues to improve and […]

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