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Fast Food and Addiction

By Jackie Sand – 18.07.2017 – Photo by: waferboard   Fast Food and Addiction   We, the team at 7minutesonline have always wondered what it is in fast food that makes […]

Dr Carol Dweck on ‘Mindset’

By Jackie Sand – 24.03.2017 – Photo: Aaron Davis MINDSET Psychologist Dr Carol Dweck has spent her entire career studying attitude and performance, and her latest study shows that our attitude […]

Buddhism’s holiest site in China: Mount Emei – by Jackie Sand – 12.02.2017 Buddhism’s holiest site in China Rising 3,099 meters (10,167 ft.) above sea level about 170 kilometers (105 miles) from Chengdu, Mount Emei is […]

Richard Branson on Happiness by Nomad Sahara – 09.02.2017 Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneur, the adventurer and the business man. A shining figure in public light and someone who is writing part of history. Richard […]

The Art of inner bottle painting by Nomad Sahara – 08.02.2017 Photo Nomad Sahara To see the highly accomplished artist Chen Hengrong painting the inside of a glass bottle takes my breath away. In our […]

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