Turmeric-Curcumin The Magic Spice

Turmeric-Curcumin the magic spice Our 7minutesonline team is having every morning and every night a cup of turmeric tea. It reduces inflammation, acidity, fights insomnia and tastes great. In the morning mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric-curcuma ground spice in your warm water and drink on your empty stomach and at night try Dr Sanjay Gupta's... Continue Reading →

The Microbiome And Gut Health

By Jackie Sand - Photo by: AJC1   The important role of our Microbiome and Gut Health in our daily lives   The Microbiome and gut health are now more and more on scientists and doctors minds. A healthy gut being regarded as most vital to our overall health. Recent studies are showing evidence for what... Continue Reading →

‘Mother’s Day’ Around The World

7minutesonline team - Photo by: Plum leaves   Today we celebrate Mother's day in several countries around the world.   The 7minutesonline team would like to express their gratitude to their mother's, and all the mother's all over the world for their unconditional love, nurture and support day in day out. A Mother's love was true... Continue Reading →

‘Rabten Choeling’ Mont Pèlerin Switzerland – International Buddhist Children’s Week

7minutesonline team - Photo by: rubiyz1048   Rabten Choeling, Buddhist Monastery at Mont Pèlerin Switzerland   Rabten Choeling, the Buddhist Monastery at Mont Pèlerin Switzerland, is settled in the most beautiful location high above Vevey/Montreux overlooking Lac Leman. The breathtaking views alone make a visit worthwhile. The food served is delightful, and their extensive multilingual library... Continue Reading →

Powerhouse Alkaline Green Juice from our 7minutesonline Team

7minutesonline team - Photo by: Breville USA Powerhouse green juice straight out of our 7minutesonline team-kitchen. Feeling sluggish and tired after a highly productive morning? We boost our spirits with this juice recipe which is far better than any cup of coffee! Green juice highly alkaline and detoxifying! 1 big slice white cabbage 1 handful roquette... Continue Reading →

Alkaline Lemonade, Dr. Daryl Gioffre

By Jackie Sand - Photo by: Rob Bertholf   You will find this alkaline lemonade in the book: 'Get Off Your Acid’, by Dr Daryl Gioffre https://www.facebook.com/GetOffYourAcid/   The team at 7minutesonline is alternating between coconut oil, linseed oil and avocado oil. All three variations are tasting delightfully!   Alkaline Lemonade Serves 4 This Lemonade is... Continue Reading →

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