The Microbiome And Gut Health

By Jackie Sand – Photo by: AJC1   The important role of our Microbiome and Gut Health in our daily lives   The Microbiome and gut health are now more and […]

‘Mother’s Day’ Around The World

7minutesonline team – Photo by: Plum leaves   Today we celebrate Mother’s day in several countries around the world.   The 7minutesonline team would like to express their gratitude to their […]

Alkaline Lemonade, Dr. Daryl Gioffre

By Jackie Sand – Photo by: Rob Bertholf   You will find this alkaline lemonade in the book: ‘Get Off Your Acid’, by Dr Daryl Gioffre   The team at […]

Camel Safari In Australia

By Nomad Sahara – Photo by: Jenny Liu The world’s largest camel herd lives in Australia.   Camels have been imported to Australia in the 19th Century mainly from Afghanistan and […]