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Protect Rainforest Indigenous Peoples & Planet!

I think the world needs to see this meeting in Belém as the most important landmark ever taken when it comes to discussing the climate question.

Brazil President
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

“Look at the crisis in the Amazon and understand the stakes: we’re battling for life itself”

Mark Ruffalo

Amazon Summit 2023

In this pivotal juncture, humanity must unite in support of Indigenous communities to protect the Amazon rainforest—an essential global asset crucial for our planet’s survival. Unprecedented extinctions caused by human activity loom, and the imminent collapse of the Amazon poses a dire threat. Urgent action is imperative, as scientists caution that time is running out to reverse this perilous course.

The solution is evident: safeguard 80% of the Amazon and responsibly manage the remaining 20%. Remarkably, while the world has ravaged nature, Indigenous groups have quietly conserved the majority of Earth’s biodiversity. Astoundingly, 80% of global species diversity thrives within Indigenous lands. Their territories hold the key to our collective sustenance, demanding recognition and protection.

Yet, a heartbreaking reality persists.

Indigenous peoples battle ceaseless challenges in safeguarding their ancestral lands. Confronted by hostile governments, influential industries, trafficking, loggers, and miners, their existence is under threat. Tragically, many Indigenous leaders have been forcibly ousted, assaulted, and even murdered while defending their land.

The Amazon summit offers an unprecedented platform for global action.

Leaders must be held accountable, recognizing that the world is closely observing their choices. Public pressure has already yielded positive outcomes, evident in the Brazilian government’s 60% reduction in deforestation rates in July.

Now, resolute commitments are imperative.

Leaders must acknowledge Indigenous territories and pledge to safeguard a minimum of 80% of the Amazon, aligning with critical scientific guidance. This is not solely an environmental matter; it’s a moral and humanitarian obligation.

By uniting with Indigenous communities and prioritizing Amazon preservation, a path to a resilient and sustainable future emerges. Our survival is intertwined with the planet’s health, and we hold the power to bequeath thriving biodiversity and natural wonders to forthcoming generations.

Let the Amazon summit mark a decisive global endeavor, demanding action.

Collectively, we can effect change, securing a greener, more equitable future.

Mark Ruffalo
"Ruffalo is widely known as an environmental activist, particularly focusing his efforts on combating fracking in New York state. Receiving an environmental award at Dickinson College in early 2015, Ruffalo notably told graduates, "I'm here to tell you that 'activist' is not a dirty word." Living that message, Ruffalo founded the Solutions Project, which pushes for 100 percent renewable energy, and is active with Water Defense, a group dedicated to clean water initiative." - BIOGRAPHY
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