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Successful Fight Against Mining In The Amazon Rainforest

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Save The Amazon Rainforest

Alessandra Korap Munduruku, a leader of an indigenous community in Brazil, has been awarded the Goldman Prize for her successful fight against mining in the Amazon rainforest. Alessandra confronted Anglo American, one of the world’s largest mining companies, and urged them to withdraw their research applications to mine within indigenous territories. As a result, the company complied, and Alessandra’s efforts have been recognized for her grassroots activism in protecting the Munduruku territory.

Alessandra Korap Munduruku, 2023 Goldman Environmental Prize winner from Brazil

“We, indigenous peoples, are not just warriors in defense of the forest.

We are the forest.

Our fight is not just for us, but for the future generations who will inherit this planet. It is for the air, the water, the animals, the plants, and everything that makes life possible on Earth. The forest is not just a resource to be exploited. It is a living, breathing entity that sustains us all. We must learn to live in harmony with it, rather than trying to dominate and control it. We have the knowledge and the wisdom of centuries of living in the forest. We can teach the world how to live in harmony with nature, but we must be given a voice and a seat at the table.”

We are not just fighting for our own survival.

We are fighting for the survival of all life on this planet.”

Alessandra Korap Munduruku
Goldman Environmental Prize

The Goldman Environmental Prize honors ordinary people who take extraordinary actions to protect our planet.

The Goldman Prize 2023 was awarded to activists

Zafer Kizilkaya
Alessandra Korap Munduruku
Chilekwa Mumba
Tero Mustonen
Diane Wilson

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