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The Future Is Now!

“The exponential future is faster and crazier than you could ever imagine

and it’s happening now!”

Matthew Griffin
Automatization is rapidly transforming our world and shaping our future.

With advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics, tasks that were once performed by humans are now being automated. While this may bring about greater efficiency and productivity, it also raises questions about the role of human workers in the workforce. As we continue to push the boundaries of automation, it is important to consider the implications for our society and economy.

How can we ensure that automation benefits everyone, and not just a privileged few?

It’s up to us to shape the future we want to see.

Matthew Griffin is a futurist, speaker, and strategist who specializes in emerging technologies such as AI, robotics, and biotech. He is the founder and CEO of the 311 Institute, a futures and deep futures consultancy that works with individuals, organizations, and governments to help them understand and prepare for the future.

Known as the "Fanatical Futurist," Matthew is passionate about exploring the potential of new technologies and their impact on society. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and events around the world and has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, The Guardian, and The Telegraph.

Matthew's work is focused on helping individuals and organizations navigate the complex and rapidly changing landscape of emerging technologies. He is dedicated to helping people understand the opportunities and challenges presented by new technologies, and to empower them to create a better future for themselves and for society as a whole.


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