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Rejection Is Not Failure

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Netflix – Colin Kaepernick

The Netflix documentary series "Colin in Black & White" highlights the life of former NFL quarterback and social activist Colin Kaepernick. Despite ups and downs, Kaepernick states he wouldn't change a thing. The series concludes with an inspiring letter, narrated by Kaepernick himself, addressed to his younger self. Kaepernick accomplished his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, guiding the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013. (Apologies for the previous misspelling of Colin's name in our last slide).


“Dear Colin, trust your power.

Even when you don’t see it, believe it. Because you’re going to need it.

From your earliest days, rejection will follow you and it’ll be there through every step of your journey. It’ll come from people who love you… and people who don’t think you belong.

It’ll even come from a girl or two.

But rejection is not failure – it’s a calibrator…”

Colin Kaepernick


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