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Fata Morgana

From Paris To Tamanrasset Algeria

My thirst for adventure and the need to follow my path drove me to the burning sands of the Sahara Desert, where I redefined for myself the meaning of freedom, beauty, elegance and happiness.

– Jackie Sand
Fata Morgana The Land of Dreams - 7 Minutes Online

The wind came from the desert and brought the beauty of a mirage to my world. 

– Jackie Sand
Fata Morgana - The Land Of Dreams

“The Fata Morgana Life and Love Story" by Jackie Sand is a story of courage, love and adventure which takes the protagonist from the 'Desert to Paradise' while seeking and experiencing the depths; the rebirth and the eternal cycle of change within. Fata Morgana is an adventurous quest and the search for identity in our modern world.
Based on a true story. - 7minutesonline

Our 7minutesonline team is currently working on this remarkable life story.

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