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Stop The War Now! Here There And Everywhere!

“Millions of fathers in rain, Millions of mothers in pain, Millions of brothers in woe, Millions of sisters nowhere to go, Millions of daughters walk in the mud, Millions of children wash in the flood, A million girls vomit and groan, Millions of families hopeless alone.”

― Allen Ginsberg, Poems
Millions of REFUGEES | Stop The War Now - 7 Minutes Online

UNHCR: over 84 million refugees worldwide!

As we are writing this, Families and Lovers are separated, killed and or torn apart as they go to fight something no one can tell us they possibly believe in. How can anyone or any nation in the 21st century inflict such an atrocity onto another sovereign country, their people, families, children and brothers and sisters!
Leaders in this World, Steer Clear of Wars Now and Forever!

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