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Life Is A Journey And Self-Discovery

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Life is the Discovery of Oneself and Others

Life is a journey

and the discovery of oneself and others, of what we are capable of, and how far we can go.

Life is a path

of self discovery and an individual and monumental life story; where many different events and challenges shape us along the way.

Life is an adventure

where there is no finish line or destination to be reached. There are new experiences to be had, new discoveries to be made and new friends and souls to be met along the way.

Life is not a race; it is a journey

What mostly matters in life is how we live it and what we do with the time that we have. Life can be short or long, but no matter what, it will always end. Why worrying about things we can’t change.

Let us individually and collectively learn from the challenges we are confronted with and rise above.

Thought of the day

  • I believe in living life to its fullest and that there are many more good times ahead than bad times in the past.
  • I am happy when I wake up every morning knowing that today is another day to make something happen for me, my loved ones, society and the world.

My goals are simple

I enjoy each moment of my life as much as possible while making sure that everyone around me has everything they need such as an abundance of love and affection because without these we cannot truly live our lives to the fullest extent.

Let’s never take anything nor each other for granted.

– 7MinutesOnline

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