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Feeling Constant Fatigue

Sudden Dips In Energy

A pandemic that endures for COVID long-haulers

"One thing that has been overlooked, especially among young people — the demographic that often seems to have long COVID — is that the focus during the pandemic has always been, reasonably, on survival. People who are younger often weren’t worried. But we’re seeing mostly young people who are really debilitated by these symptoms. So we should keep in mind that long COVID is one of the reasons to get vaccinated as soon as you are eligible..."

Many Young People Are Affected With Long Covid - 7 MINUTES ONLINE

“The news is filled with uplifting stories of patients who have survived Covid-19 — including my own — but rarely do these narratives cover the long and jagged road to recovery that follows. The World Health Organization has stated that people with “mild” cases can expect recovery to take two weeks, while those with “severe” cases may take up to six weeks to recover, but the distinction between “mild” and “severe” cases is confusing, and many of us are experiencing symptoms for longer.”

― Fiona Lowenstein

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