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How To Become Environmentally Conscious

“Progress is measured by the speed at which we destroy the conditions that sustain life.”

― George Monbiot

George Joshua Richard Monbiot

George Joshua Richard Monbiot (/ˈmɒnbioʊ/ MON-bee-oh; born 27 January 1963) 

is a British writer known for his environmental and political activism.[2] 

He writes a weekly column for The Guardian, and is the author of a number of books, including Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain (2000), Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding (2013) and Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics in the Age of Crisis (2017).[3] 

He is the founder of The Land is Ours, a campaign for the right of access to the countryside and its resources in the United Kingdom.[4]

George Monbiot - Wikipedia

Bosco Verticale – Stefano Boeri

Attention to the relationship between city and nature led to the creation of the Milan Vertical Forest, the first prototype of a residential building featuring over 700 trees and 20,000 plants and a model of urban forestation that considers vegetation as an essential element of architecture. Built in 2014, the Vertical Forest has received numerous international awards such as the International High-rise Award (2014) and the Best Tall Building Worldwide, presented by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (2015).

Stefano Boeri Architetti

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