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Fear does not prevent death. It prevents LIFE.

– Buddhist Teaching

Thoughts on Fear in Buddhist Philosophy - 7 MINUTES ONLINE
“Thoughts on Fear in Buddhist Philosophy” – Video Credits 7minutesonline

Buddhist Philosophy says: one’s state of mind is subject to control and direction. The negative use of thought produces our fears, the positive use of thought realises our hopes and ideals.

Many of us will recognise this occasional thought of ours: "What I am most worried about is..."

We are playing with our fears of how things might turn out sometime in the near future - predicting almost in a clairvoyant manner the worst outcome possible. We are taking our fears with us wherever we go and often are projecting these fears onto our surroundings.
Who does not know the fear and worry for ourselves, our children, our business, our job etc.
Our sometimes fearful outlook on life defines how we experience life and determines our destiny and our life quality. Out of fear, we tend to predict a negative outcome of a situation which is then readily materialising in front of our eyes mainly made possible by our own fearful thoughts and presenting us with the clear evidence that our fears are more than justified. 

You see, I told you it will go wrong - I was right!

Let's rewrite our sometimes fearful reality step by step by thoughts of kindness, compassion and love towards ourselves and others.

Buddhists believe that the best way to deal with fear is to focus solely on the present and live with compassion, kindness and love on daily basis which will fill our inner void and take over the place of our often unfounded fears. By being pro-active, courageous and by doing and moving relentlessly in the right direction we can dispel our ingrained fears step by step. 

Living in the HERE and NOW.

- 7minutesonline

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