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Taking care of our children generation after generation is a pre-requisite for a healthy society!

Each of us have a collective responsibility to nurture our young souls emotionally – by living example as best as we can.

The seeds we plant today we will observe tomorrow.

– 7minutesonline
A Child Is Like A Butterfly
“Children Are Like Butterflies” – Video Credits 7minutesonline
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"A Child Is Like A Butterfly"

A child is like a butterfly in the wind,
fragile yet so strong and beautiful.

Each of them emits magic, young or old.
Each flies their path and moves to their own tune and destiny.
Each are unique and special.
Each one is different.
Each one is beautiful.
Each one is here for a reason.
Each one deserves unconditional LOVE!

- 7minutesonline

“The way we treat our children is the way they enter and shape our society”

– 7minutesonline

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