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Video 7minutesonline – ‘Le Ballon Rouge’: Inspiration, Magic And Hope Through Children’s Eyes

Le Ballon Rouge

The famous short film Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon), set in Paris, and written and produced by the French cinematographer Albert Lamorisse, gives us again a view of our world through the eyes of a child.

We appreciate his movie as a sensitive portrait of every child’s natural desire for freedom of expression, innocence and perception of their environment, no matter what their familial, political, or environmental circumstances might be.

Children need breaks from reality and a fundamental understanding and respect for their imaginary world and their perception of reality.

Don’t we all?!

Le Ballon Rouge – Credits 7minutesonline – InVideo

For our readers who are interested in the French movie, please go to YouTube and watch

Le Ballon Rouge (1956) (English: The Red Balloon) Remastered HD | ArtHouse Media

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