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Vegan Plant Based And Healthy Diet – The Necessary And Ongoing Animal Cruelty Debate

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Thinking about changing your way of eating due to your own health concerns, and or out of your concern for animals, their treatment and fate?

Have you come across Sadia’s: Veganism For Beginners?

We would like to mention her Youtube channel and website Pick Up Limes on how to start eating vegan and plant based.

Sadia is a clinical dietitian and has a great concept for anyone who is contemplating about eating more plant based and or vegan and surely also offers new insights for the vegans and vegetarians among us.

Visit her website Pick Up Limes and see what she has to say.

“By learning more about Pick Up Limes you are joining the movement towards better health. On this site you will find uncomplicated nutrition articles, informative videos, as well as simple and delicious vegan recipes (many are also gluten free) made with natural ingredients, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole-food and healthy fat sources, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. By taking ownership of your life and learning how to love the process, results will surely follow. Let’s get started”.

– Sadia

Sadia’s videos make it very easy to incorporate and follow a plant based and vegan diet with her great receipts on display. Get inspired with trying out new plant based receipts especially now during the holidays. It is never too late to embrace a more balanced and rather heavily plant based diet which is better for our overall health, the environment and ultimately the animals.


No matter where we might be on our journey to better health and consciousness towards animals, it is needless to say that re-evaluating our eating habits in our Western world should be a must with our own and the animals well-being and welfare in mind.

Jane Goodall is a hugely charismatic leader and front runner in the debate of animal rights, cruelty and a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

Jane Goodall on Diet and the Environment

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