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Everyone – You And Me Our Magic World And Beyond

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Written by Jackie Sand – Photo by Pexels

It’s a long long road … He ain’t heavy, He is my brother

A timeless message to all of us.

The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother [ Lyrics] HQ Audio

Everyone – Everywhere – Anytime

EVERYONE has their own path

Everyone is allowed to make mistakes

Everyone is allowed to take detours

Everyone has their own time to find their way

Everyone is entitled to receive Love and Understanding

Everyone deserves a family who loves unconditionally


COMPASSION is the magic word for ALL human beings!

Where are YOU – ME – US on our own path and how do we want to judge harshly?

Let’s open our hearts

Let’s listen

Let’s try to understand

Let’s support and nurture

so that

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE can find their way on their own terms and time

The magic in life is LOVE

Who am I?


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