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It’s Time To Be Thinking About Compassion For Animals

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Visit The Nonprofit ‘Kinder World’ Online

Shall we become vegetarian or vegan you might ask yourself after visiting nonprofit organizations like ‘Kinder World’ for example.

It is the positive stories of kindness towards animals that make us feel good and happy while blending out the horrors animals go through in order to end up on our plates daily.

The decision is without question up to us.

We should at least be aware of where our meat is coming from and make an informed decision for ourselves. It is certainly highly questionable to say the least to see how our culture is dealing with animals to satisfy our hunger for meat products. The handling of our food supply in general is here in question and is asking for more widespread and extensive certified human farming, or going vegetarian and or vegan altogether.

A kinder world
7minutesonline supports compassion for animals

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