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Photo by Joe Ross

‘Craig and the octopus’ – watch their exceptionally unique journey and bond in the ocean of the coast of South Africa.

What brought Craig Foster a South African documentary film maker and the founder of the Sea Change Project to embark on such an adventure – following an octopus under water for a year documenting every move of this magic creature.

It is hard to decide who is more interesting: Craig Foster himself, his motivations, his determination, resilience, his feeling and expertise for filmmaking in the wild – or the octopus herself who is amongst one of the most magic creatures inhabiting our oceans.

Ultimately, it is the two of them meeting under water day in day out, connecting on the physical and energetical level. In his unparalleled documentary ‘My Octopus Teacher’, Craig is showing us through the underwater dance between the two that we can break any perceived barriers we might have, bringing us closer to nature and unmistakably to ourselves.

Watching Craig’s beautifully shot and produced documentary leaves us behind with emotions, a great respect for nature and humankind and inspires us to get in touch with our own existence, motivations and actions.

What can we take from Craig’s fascinating film?

If nothing else, let us reflect on why we are here on earth and what we can do as individuals to peacefully experience, respect, honor and conserve the boundless bounty of this magic world we are living in.

After all, everything is a ‘give and take’ – we are all ONE.


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” Rumi

My Octopus Teacher | Official Trailer | Netflix

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