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Who Is Jaime Escalante?

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Have you heard of Jaime Escalante?

If not, than have a look on Netflix and watch the well made Biography, Drama movie ‘Stand and Deliver’ by Director Ramon Menendez .

So, who is Jaime Escalante?

It turns out he was a famous Math teacher in East Los Angeles at Garfield High School between 1974 to 1991. So why should we know about people like Jaime Escalante in history? Well, because these are people and souls who have a life changing influence on others and do not shy away from giving their maximum in order to motivate, animate, persuade and support others to walk their path of self-discovery and liberation from any restrictive pre-conceived social stigma and dogma, no matter what cultural background one comes from.

We would like to celebrate Jaime Escalante for his lives work and invite everyone to believe in and look out for each other no matter which path we might be on and what background we are coming from.

You can read about Jaime Escalante here and on NBC NewsEditorial: What We Can Learn From a Teacher on Netflix

IMDb describes best what the movie with Edward James Olmos as Jaime Escalante is all about. Certainly very well spend time especially since this social topic is as important as ever.

Enjoy your movie night

Your 7minutesonline Team

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