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‘Rabten Choeling’ Mont Pèlerin Switzerland – International Buddhist Children’s Week

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Rabten Choeling, Buddhist Monastery at Mont Pèlerin Switzerland

Rabten Choeling, the Buddhist Monastery at Mont Pèlerin Switzerland, is settled in the most beautiful location high above Vevey/Montreux overlooking Lac Leman. The breathtaking views alone make a visit worthwhile. The food served is delightful, and their extensive multilingual library can keep one’s attention for hours at a time. Staying overnight is highly recommended especially when there are teachings and celebrations scheduled. The Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is a center for Higher Tibetan studies.

The monastery is organising an International Children’s week every year, during the summer holiday.
Children and youth can spend a week in tents and yurts while learning the basic ethics of Ahimsa (non-violence), Buddhist philosophy, Thangka painting, theatrical performance, and reading and writing of Tibetan during the day.
There is plenty of entertainment for the youth, and they can also participate in activities like excursions and picnics.
Everyone who went ones cannot wait to come back the next year.
Should you be from this region, you might already know about it.

In case you are planning a trip to Switzerland this summer please make sure, you visit Montreux and Mont Pèlerin.

UBIS visits Buddhist Monastery-Mt Pelerin Switzerland, June 2011
Centre Tibétain • 1801 Le Mont-Pèlerin • phone: +41 21 9213600 •étaines-Rabten-Choeling/121622594558569

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