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‘The Self-Driven Child’ and bringing up children in our modern and fast paced world.

‘Fly eagle fly’

Some of us at the 7minutesonline team are homeschooling their children, while others are having their children in public and or private schools.

Either way, we all have one goal as parents and educators, and this is to provide our children with the best possible upbringing and education possible not necessarily in terms of prestige and money, but rather love, nurture, life values and acquired and lived solid knowledge and wisdom so they can grow to become independent, whole human beings who know how to communicate and who care deeply about human kind, all living beings, life and the world ‘beyond’.

In this context we just came across the recently published book by William Stixrud, PhD and Ned Johnson:

The Self-Driven Child – ‘The science and sense of giving your kids more control over their lives’

A book worth reading for any parent and educator.

If one agrees with the authors on all levels here or not is not the question. It is an exciting book to read and there is definitely food for thought.


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