Terrorist attack in Egypt

By Nomad Sahara – 25/11/2017 – Photos by: Maja Ruszpel / haddensavix


More than 300 people were killed in what appears to be the deadliest terrorist attack in Egypt yet. The attack happened in the Al-Rawdah Sufi Mosque in Bir Al-Abed.
According to witnesses 25 to 30 men got out of 5 SUVs and attacked the mosque with automatic machine-guns and bombs.
An estimated 305 were killed and another 128 injured, according to a statement from the public prosecutor read out on Egyptian state-run news channel Nile TV.
Among the killed were 27 children. 6615535367_a2050fffd2_z.jpg
The Egyptian government has ordered a retaliatory airstrike on several extremist targets including the SUVs present at the attack and other outposts containing guns, bombs and ammunition in the region. The army claims to have killed all the extremists present at those sites.
Survivors of the incident now being taken care of at the hospital described a large number of attackers some of which where wearing masks entered the mosque amidst heavy gunfire and loud explosions. Some of the attackers were allegedly carrying ISIS flags.
According to the statement the attackers had long beards and hair, were wearing military fatigues and were armed with heavy machine guns.
Neither Isis nor one of its affiliates in Egypt have claimed responsibility for the attacks, even though the attack strongly resembles the work of ISIS which maintains a foothold in the north of the Sinai Peninsula and inspires local Islamist extremist groups, despite the efforts of Egyptian security forces.

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