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I wish you all wherever you are best of luck, prosperity and health in the New Year 2017.

It is a year of the Rooster and it is also a new beginning for 7minutesonline.

I have already spoken with some of you regarding the new look and content of 7minutesonline and I very much look forward to our teamwork, cooperation and the new beginnings and chapter of 7minutesonline: The wind of change. Thank you all for your interest in 7minutesonline and its content, your support and valuable feedback. I am about to team up with some young and talented freelance writers from different countries and backgrounds to launch ‘OUR NEW’ Newsmagazine online :

Ideally we will be able to go ‘live’ very soon with what we think will cover very interesting NEWS outside of the mainstream daily news and for that very often gets unnoticed by most of us. The topics of concern will continue in the manner of covering: Human Rights, Education, Health, Medicine, Science, Psychology, Culture, History, Art, Travel, Outstanding People and Organizations, Nature and more.

If one of you has interesting topics to propose and to publish please feel free to contact us on

We will make sure to consider your kind proposal and to publish you with your name and credits! We look forward to a successful and productive teamwork with our readers and writers alike.

It will be a journey through the adventures, the challenges and the beauty of life.


Your World Citizen and the growing Team


Mahatma Gandhi





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